Special Projects Team

Cassie Newsome

Special Projects Officer

Cassie graduated from the Australian Institute of Health and Fitness and has an astounding social media following for her weight loss and healthy lifestyle choices campaign. Cassie developed the program ELAM “Eat Light, Act More” which was the method she used to shed and maintain a weightloss of 50kg. Cassie is also the founder and driving force of “What About Life” which is a drug awareness program for youth where she tells the story of her journey through the loss of her mother to drugs. Cassie’s infectious personality and simple country charm has enabled her to become a leader in health and fitness. http://www.cassandranewsome.com.au

Rod McIntosh

Special Projects Officer

Rod is an Aboriginal artist and cultural educator from the Kamilaroi tribe. He has a strong history in health, arts and education. Rod is well known for his leadership skills and provides high-level cultural advice for our team and clients.

Ashleigh Lackey

Special Projects Officer

Ashleigh is a proud Kunya/Ngamba woman from Inverell who strongly identifies as Aboriginal. Ash is an effective youth leader in the community and over the last two years she has developed strong engagement and consultation skills with community, government and non government organisations, youth, elders and the broader community.


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