Opportunity Hub Launch - Chairperson

Governance support

Good governance has always been essential to have a successful organisation, and the increasing complexity and accountability on organisational structures and legal requirements reinforces the need to have tools that support good governance. The 2 Rivers team have worked with private and public organisations to establish these tools to support effective, sustainable and accountable governance methods.

Working closely with the owners, managers, and staff, 2 Rivers can help develop a range of tools and strategies that support governance. These may range from the development of a Vision Statement, which is only valuable if those it relates to believe in it, to establishing communication lines between the first tier of management through to each employee.

2 Rivers will work closely with our client to help identify and provide the necessary tools and support. Other examples may include development of Occupational Workplace Health and Safety manuals, Strategic Plans, Policies and Procedures. 2 Rivers can also facilitate training (formal or informal) with management and staff to help implement the tools within the organisation, enabling existing management to continue ongoing governance with greater ease.


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