Dancing Group

Project planning and management

Effective project planning is essential in establishing a strong, feasible and outcome focussed plan that will meet the goals and objectives of our client. The project plan is invaluable in accessing the resources (financial, recruitment, time, partnerships) that are needed to meet project outcomes. 2 Rivers will prepare a Project Plan in consultation with our client, and will identify the strategies, time and resources required so there are no surprises or misunderstandings during the implementation of the Project. This gives our client full control at an early stage so modifications can be made to ensure the Project is manageable.

Once the Project Plan is in place and resources are available to action the plan, 2 Rivers has excellent skills in managing the Plan to ensure the strategies are implemented within the resources available to meet the desired outcomes. Effective management is essential for a project to be timely and cost efficient, fully delivered and accountable.

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